•  Unit 1 Test from 6 August 2018 to 11 August 2018       •  Oath Ceremony will be organize on 18 August 2018.       

School Calender

01-Jul-2018  to  31-Mar-2019



Tuesday 17-Jul-18 Story Telling (I-II) Wednesday 18-Jul-18 Vocabulary English (III-V) Thursday 19-Jul-18 Sanskrit Shlok Recitation (VI-VIII) Friday 20-Jul-18 Pot decoration (IX-X) Saturday 21-Jul-18 Pot decoration (XI-XII) Tuesday 24-Jul-18 Clay Moulding (I-II) Wednesday 25-Jul-18 Cartoon Making (III-V) Thursday 26-Jul-18 Best out of Waste (VI-VIII) Friday 27-Jul-18 English Essay (IX-X) Saturday 28-Jul-18 English Essay (XI-XII) Monday 30-Jul-18 Inter School Competition Tuesday 31-Jul-18 Puzzling puzzles (I-II) Wednesday 1-Aug-18 Patriotic Song (III-V) Thursday 2-Aug-18 Solo Dance (VI-VIII) Friday 3-Aug-18 Anchoring (IX-X) Saturday 4-Aug-18 Bhajan Singing (XI-XII) Monday 6-Aug-18 6/8/2018 to 11/8/2018 (UT-1) Tuesday 14-Aug-18 Patriotic Song(I-II) Wednesday 15-Aug-18 Independence Day Thursday 16-Aug-18 Painting (VI-VIII) Friday 17-Aug-18 Collage Making (IX-X) Saturday 18-Aug-18 Collage Making (XI-XII) Tuesday 21-Aug-18 Drawing & Colouring (I-II) Wednesday 22-Aug-18 Eid-Ul-Zuha (Holiday) Thursday 23-Aug-18 Rakhi Making (VI & VIII) Friday 24-Aug-18 Solo Dance (IX & X) Saturday 25-Aug-18 Solo Dance (XI & XII) Sunday 26-Aug-18 Raksha Bandhan (Holiday) Tuesday 28-Aug-18 Just a Minute (I-II) Wednesday 29-Aug-18 Maths Cracker (III-V) Thursday 30-Aug-18 Pen Stand Making (VI-VIII) 029 Events Schedule (2018-19) Day Date Activity Friday 31-Aug-18 Mono Acting (IX-X) Saturday 1-Sep-18 Mono Acting (XI-XII) Monday 3-Sep-18 Janmashtami (Holiday) Tuesday 4-Sep-18 Origami (I-II) Wednesday 5-Sep-18 I need a Synonym (III-V) Thursday 6-Sep-18 Hindi Debate (VI-VIII) Friday 7-Sep-18 Magazine Holder Making (IX-X) Saturday 8-Sep-18 Hindi Debate (XI-XII) Monday 10-Sep-18 10/9/2018 to 18/9/2018 (UT-2) Thursday 13-Sep-18 Ganesh Chaturthi (Holiday) Friday 14-Sep-18 Rishi Panchami (Holiday) Tuesday 18-Sep-18 Make Sentences (I-II) Wednesday 19-Sep-18 Ramdev Jayanti (Holiday) Thursday 20-Sep-18 Hindi Essay Writing (VI to VIII) Friday 21-Sep-18 Moharram (Holiday) Saturday 22-Sep-18 English Extempore (XI-XII) Tuesday 25-Sep-18 Maths Cracker (I-II) Wednesday 26-Sep18 Rangoli Making (III-V) Thursday 27-Sep-18 English Debate (VI-VIII) Friday 28-Sep-18 English Debate (IX-X) Saturday 29-Sep-18 English Debate (XI-XII) Tuesday 2-Oct-18 Gandhi Jayanti Celebration Wednesday 3-Oct-18 Just a Minute (III-V) Thursday 4-Oct-18 Just a Minute/Thali Decoration (VI-VIII) Friday 5-Oct-18 Just a Minute (IX-X) Saturday 6-Oct-18 Just a Minute (XI-XII) Tuesday 9-Oct-18 Hindi Spelling (I-II) Wednesday 10-Oct-18 Navratra Sthapna Thursday 11-Oct-18 Mehandi Applying/Poster Making (VI-VIII) Friday 12-Oct-18 Poster Making (IX-X) Saturday 13-Oct-18 Poster Making (XI-XII) 030 Events Schedule (2018-19) Day Date Activity Tuesday 16-Oct-18 Mono-acting (I-II) Wednesday 17-Oct-18 Durga Ashtami (Holiday) Thursday 18-Oct-18 Maha Navami (Holiday) Friday 19-Oct-18 Dusshera (Holiday) Saturday 20-Oct-18 Thali Decoration (XI-XII) Tuesday 23-Oct-18 Creativity with festivity (I-II) Wednesday 24-Oct-18 20/10/2018 to 26/10/2018 (Pre Half Yearly of VIII, X & XII) Friday 26-Oct-18 Rangoli (IX-X) Monday 29-Oct-18 29/10/2018 to 11/11/2018 (Diwali Break) Tuesday 13-Nov-18 Story Telling (I-II) Children’s Day Wednesday 14-Nov-18 Origami (III-V) Children’s Day Thursday 15-Nov-18 Quiz (VI-VIII) Friday 16-Nov-18 Hindi Debate (IX-X) Saturday 17-Nov-18 Cooking Without Fire (XI-XII) Tuesday 20-Nov-18 Talk Show (I-II) Wednesday 21-Nov-18 Bara Bafat (Holiday) Thursday 22-Nov-18 Speaking on Famous Personality (VI-VIII) Friday 23-Nov-18 Guru Nanak Jayanti (Holiday) Sunday 25-Nov-18 Annual Day Tuesday 27-Nov-18 Maths Mania (I-II) Wednesday 28-Nov-18 Salad Decoration (III-V) Thursday 29-Nov-18 Salad Decoration (VI-VIII) Friday 30-Nov-18 Hindi Debate (IX-X) Tuesday 4-Dec-18 Cooking Without Fire (I-II) Wednesday 5-Dec-18 Cooking Without Fire (III-V) Monday 10-Dec-18 Half Yearly Examination (10/12/2018 to 24/12/2018) Tuesday 25-Dec-18 Christmas Day & Winter Break (25/12/2018 to 6/1/2019) Tuesday 8-Jan-19 Kite Making (I-II) 031 Events Schedule (2018-19) Day Date Activity Wednesday 9-Jan-19 Kite Making (III-V) Saturday 12-Jan-19 Kite Flying (VI-XII) Sunday 13-Jan-19 Guru Govind Singh Jayanti (Holiday) Monday 14-Jan-19 Makar Sankranti Holiday (as per collector’s order) Monday 21-Jan-19 (21/1/2019 to 28/1/2019) UT-3 Friday 15-Feb-19 Farewell Thursday 21-Feb-19 Annual Examination (21/2/2019 Onwards) Monday 4-Mar-19 Maha Shivratri (Holiday) Wednesday 20-Mar-19 Holi (Holiday) Thursday 21-Mar-19 Dhulandi (Holiday) Friday 22-Mar-19 Good Friday (Holiday)

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